Within Europe, we have a free delivering policy on our products to any address. Bags can also be returned free of charge, in case they do not live up to your expectations. We have faith in our quality and know that you will never want to return the bag once you’ve hold it.

All options are within 2 days and with track&trace code

  • Delivery at home or at your work  - free
  • Evening delivery: between 18:00 & 21:30 - free
  • Early pick up at a PostNL one off the 2600 pick up points - free


We would also like to hear from you if there is something you don’t like about your bag, because even after 55 years of craftsmanship, we are still eager to learn every day. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.



Looking forward hearing from you:

[email protected]

085-060 2358



About repairs?

[email protected]  

 0416 274 880

Verzetstraat 4

        5171 PT



Kind Regards,,


De Mutsaers Family